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V I T T O R I O   G H I E L M I


With the presence of Lorenzo Ghielmi, one of the most appreciated Bach interpreter, this program is dedicated to the chamber music of J.S.Bach and to the three famous "viola da gamba and cembalo" sonatas. The program is also offered with the fortepiano Silbermann (1743). The Silberman piano was the instrument of C.P.E.Bach but also Johan Sebastian owned and appreciated this piano in last part of his life. A version with the lieder of C.P.E.Bach and the Schemelli-Gesangbuch songs by J.S.Bach is also available.


A concert totally dedicated to Antoine Forqueray (1672-1745), considered as the „Paganini“ of the Viola da Gamba and rival of Marin Marais at the Court of Ludwig XIV., the Sun King. A music of a very high technical level and with a deep expressive impact. 

The Ghielmi - Pianca duo is since 2000 one of the most famous for their instruments; their many recordings received all critic prizes

A long familiarity with ancient repertoire, a career at the first level in different musical fields( classical, traditional music, jazz, modern music) led Graciela Gibelli and Vittorio Ghielmi to this intimate program, mixing the most tender pages of repertoire and some fresh new compositions using the magic union of the viol and the voice together.

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